Redevelopment of Karlsfeld's three-field hall - preserving the fabric of the building means sustainability

The three-field sports hall in Karlsfeld, built in the 1970s, is being extensively renovated. At the beginning of the project, the costs between a new building and the renovation were extensively examined and compared together with our ARGE partner Studio Corso. The result of the comparison was a cost saving as well as a significantly shorter construction time compared to a new building.

The building envelope and the extensions, as well as the technical installations, will be upgraded to the latest energy standards. The contaminated components were examined and will be removed in the course of the renovation.

Nowadays, the primary energy requirement for the production of building materials is often still given too little weight in the decision-making process, but it is precisely this that can save an enormous amount of energy.

By retaining the entire supporting and roof structure, hundreds of cubic metres of concrete and tonnes of steel can be reused here and thus do not have to be demolished or produced anew.

The massive increases in construction prices in recent months posed a major challenge to the planning team to ensure that the costs remained within reasonable limits and that the measure remained financially viable for the municipality.

In the course of the public tender, the bids of the main trades confirmed our assessment of the market and so the project can start on schedule from January 2023.

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