Orienting investigation of old deposits in Tündern

Project details

  • Period: 09/2019 - 01/2020
  • Field of activity: Environment; Orienting investigation of two contaminated sites in Tündern recorded in the register of contaminated sites of the State of Lower Saxony.
  • Scope of services:

Sampling, investigation and evaluation of topsoil composite sample areas according to BBodSchV; execution of small pile driving boreholes, sampling, composite sample preparation and evaluation according to LAGA TR Boden; sampling, investigation and evaluation of soil air soundings according to LAWA and LABO; sampling, investigation and evaluation of groundwater according to LAWA; risk assessment for the impact paths soil - humans and soil - groundwater; evaluation according to waste legislation; documentation of results.

  • Short description:
    • Orienting investigation of two contaminated sites listed in the state's

Lower Saxony's old deposits in Tündern. The first contaminated site consists of backfilled lowlands or former ponds that were created from a former oxbow lake of the Weser. The lowlands were filled with household and bulky waste, excavated soil, construction waste and industrial waste. The second contaminated site comprises a former sand and gravel pit that was backfilled with household and bulky waste, commercial waste, garden and park waste, agricultural and forestry waste, construction waste, excavated soil and road debris. Both contaminated sites are located in residential areas.

The objectives of the orienting investigation are to explore the extent of the two landfills as well as the thickness and composition of the landfill material and the landfill cover. In view of the use of the two old landfills as residential areas, a risk assessment for human health is to be carried out for the landfill cover via the impact pathway soil-human. For the landfill, an assessment is to be made in terms of waste legislation. In addition, the potential impacts of the landfill and the hazards for the objects of protection soil, soil air and groundwater are to be assessed.


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