Supplementary Detailed Investigation of the Contaminated Site Risk of the Hastedter Osterdeich Property in Bremen

Project details

Field of activity:Orienting investigation of contaminated sites, detailed investigation, supplementary detailed investigation
Scope of services:Soil, soil air and groundwater investigations on the suspected contaminated site of a former transformer station in connection with several contaminated sites in the immediate vicinity
Short description:Before the Second World War, a roofing felt factory was located in the area of the study site and the neighbouring property to the east, which burnt down completely in 1938.In the area of the Hastedter Osterdeich property, a total of two areas of damage were localised, which can be differentiated into a central and a southern input area.In addition to considerable PAH contamination, high concentrations of CHC and BTEX were detected in the soil and groundwater. In the course of several investigation steps, the source areas were roughly localised and delimited, including detailed investigation of the contaminant plume in the groundwater downstream.


Extension, new construction and conversion measures, Wunstorf airfield
Expansion of the Kiel Canal, test field exploration for explosive ordnance
Grasbrook district development