Climate protection


Climate protection

The climate crisis is becoming increasingly visible and urgent. Most large companies have now published climate protection strategies and targets, but small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular are struggling with corporate climate protection. Over 60% of SMEs simply lack the skills and knowledge to make the necessary reductions (according to the SME Climate Hub - a climate protection initiative launched in 2021, whose initiators include the United Nations and Oxford University).

On the other hand, SMEs offer immense potential for urgently needed reductions. Legislators have also recognised this. Regulations such as mandatory climate reporting under the EU CSRD or clear requirements for sustainable investments through the EU taxonomy have an impact on large companies and indirectly also on SMEs. In the coming years, however, incentives will also be created directly for SMEs. NGOs such as the WWF, the New Climate Institute or even the Wettbewerbszentrale are also ensuring increasing transparency about corporate climate ambitions.

SMEs in particular therefore need reliable partners with in-depth climate protection and sustainability expertise. Our Climate Division takes on precisely this task. The department includes, among others, M&P Go.Blue.Now. GmbH - a highly specialised sustainability and climate protection consultancy from Munich.

The Go.Blue.Now. Vision: Living in harmony with nature, in a climate-friendly world and on a healthy planet. Credible and effective measures for companies are the focus of our consulting. We not only look at the climate, but also support you holistically in the sustainable design of your company.

Our services in the field of climate protection:

We develop science-based climate protection strategies and guarantee holistic climate protection as part of your sustainability commitment. Our climate protection cycle enables a structured approach and effective reduction of CO2 emissions. Our services can also be purchased separately, e.g. if the company has previous experience in climate protection.


Your added value:

CO2 footprints according to the best international standards (Greenhouse Gas Protocol or ISO standards)

Fact-based goals & tangible action plans

Credible certificates that follow best practices in corporate climate communication and successfully avoid greenwashing

You can also claim government subsidies for most of our services. Up to 80% of your costs can be covered in this way. We also support you with the applications to enable your company to make the maximum contribution to climate protection without high costs.

In addition to the focus on climate protection, Go.Blue.Now. offers holistic consulting services in the field of sustainability, e.g. ESG scores, ESG reports and action plans.

Our clients are mainly German, medium-sized companies. Many of our clients act out of conviction for climate protection and complete the entire climate protection cycle. Some examples of industries we have experience with are IT & hardware, chemicals, textile industry, environmental technology or engineering service providers.

For example, we were able to accompany Prime Computer AG - an IT hardware manufacturer from Switzerland - from the creation of the first Footprint with Scope 1 and 2 emissions to the calculation of all significant CO2 emissions from the upstream and downstream supply chain of their production.

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